Friday, 17 June 2016


Just recently, we were blessed with a gorgeous John Galliano tribute store on Stardoll. The store featured many of his greatest designs and overall aesthetic. John Galliano is way up there as one of the most legendary designers in the history of fashion, and it's no wonder why I planned to dedicate a task to his artistry.

For this weeks task, our designers must create a high fashion, avant-garde runway look inspired by John Galliano, plus a stunning headshot featuring typical Galliano/Pat McGrath makeup and hair.

Below are some examples of both Galliano runway looks, and the kind of makeup looks we are looking for;

To clarify, you must create a stunning Galliano inspired runway look; you may use a look from his legendary stint at Dior, or from his own label - you may also combine references if you wish. The key to a stunning Galliano look is combinations of fabrics, layers, patterns, and colours. As well as your runway look, you must create a makeup headshot inspired by a Galliano/Pat McGrath beauty look; again, you may combine different elements of several makeup looks if you wish. You are free to use either Stardoll or real life models, that decision is down to you.

But wait, that's not all. Often I wonder if I challenge my contestants too much - I like to put you through your paces and test your limits, but it seems at times I am hypocritical to put on such a heavy workload. This week, I myself will be participating in the task and posting my "entry" alongside yours in the results post - this means that your entry has to be twice as good in order to compare to my very own. The pressure really is on.

The deadline for this task is Monday the 27th of June 2016. You will have until then to send in your work. I wanted to give you a little extra time for this task since I am really expecting your absolute best work; take your time and make me proud. Remember to check the SUBMISSION page for information on how to submit and protect your work.

Good luck, and may the power of Galliano be with you.


Wednesday, 15 June 2016


This week, we challenged our contestants to create a high fashion, editorial graphic drawing inspiration from an assigned season of Limited Edition. The collections assigned were drastically different and gave our designers a chance to show us what they could do with strict limitations. Let's see our judges comments...


Jailer: Immediately when you look at this, it jumps out at you and really grabs your attention! You did an amazing job with the real face (love Bob!) and the outfit on my doll is crazy! I love this a lot. I think you have quite a bit of work to do on your technique, learning how to really define the layers of your shading and making them integrate well together - the bows on the outfit look a little bit flat, and that's because there's not enough contrast between your dark and light layers, so that's something you can work on. I love the makeup on my doll so much, I wish she always looked like that! I would have also liked to have seen more use of the colours you were provided with in your collage, especially on the dress, as I think there's too much purple. Props to you for taking on double the work, although remember that quality is much more important than quantity, and you don't need to rely on making multiple graphics (there were four in last weeks entry, then two in this one) to catch the attention of the judges. Your talent is more than enough to get you through this competition, and possibly take the win, so have faith in that!

Nimka: I think this is magnificent! I first of all love the color scheme because it's so bold and it's like my eyes are eating a visual blackberry it's so great. You are improving so much even over the last 2 weeks and I know you are pushing yourself, it is definitely paying off and I want to applaud you for that. The portrait of Bob is so perfect to me and I love the blacklight type effect. Jailer's look that you created is everything, Im a huge fan of bows so this creation is right up my street. I just want to echo what Jailer said in there not being enough contrast in your layers, because if there were it'd stand out so much more. But really this is so great.


Jailer: I absolutely adore this! Your technique improves each week, and watching you grow is so fascinating and visually rewarding. The outfit is so wrong in all the right ways, I love how the colours and patterns clash - and that pose is everything! What I'm not liking is the fur, I think you have a lot of work to do to improve your fur technique, but I applaud you for trying! The shading on the skirt and top is beautiful, but the tights and shoes look just slightly over shaded; you don't need all these layers to have definition. Also, be careful with head sizing, as the head on this looks slightly too small, but I understand that could have been difficult to get right given the perspective/angle of this. You did an excellent job this week and showed us that you put 100% into your work, which is something I really admire.

Nimka: This is so edgy and cool! It's not my favourite graphic that you've done but I'm liking it! The skirt is my favourite and the platforms too, they look very silky! Just one thing I think that the sizing and proportions is off, I'm getting a bit confused if it's proportioned right but maybe it's just the head. I also wish that you used less layers still haha, you should use less and Sasha should use more. I don't want it to seem as if I'm bashing you though, I'm not and I'm a fan of your work! The stakes are getting high now!

The heat is on, and the flames will only get higher as we fast approach the finish line. Task 4 will be posted soon.



Wednesday, 1 June 2016


As most of you know, I am absolutely obsessed with the Limited Edition brand. I have already completed three collections, and am on my way to completing a fourth. The themes of the older collections are so consistent and flaw free, which is what inspires me to collect, and what also inspired me for this weeks task.

For this task, each of our contestants will be assigned a season of LE, which they must take heavy inspiration from to create a show-stopping high fashion editorial style graphic. I have taken the liberty of creating you each a collage, highlighting the key features and standout garments of your assigned season - I advise you take a good look at the collage, get a feel of the style of the collection and use the inspiration as a springboard point for your entry.

Sasha - Season 4 

Key features;

  • Loud colours
  • Face/Skull prints
  • Bows
  • Cutouts
  • Colour-blocking

Gabriel - Season 8 

Key features;
  • Plaid/Stripes
  • Fur
  • Shiny pleather
  • Saturated tones
  • Baggy fits

To clarify: you must create a high fashion editorial style graphic (something you might see in a fashion magazine) using your assigned LE collection as inspiration for the clothing, makeup, hair, scenery, styling etc. My advice to the both of you is cram as much inspiration as you can into your editorial, be as daring and literal as you wish. I am expecting a lot from the both of you, I really have faith in your ability to deliver something amazing - trust your instincts, and don't stray too far from the objective! Bonus tip; use the eyedropper tool to take colours directly from the collage, this will help massively in coinciding your editorial to the inspiration. 

The deadline for this task is Friday the 10th of June 2016. You will have until then to send in your work. Remember to check the SUBMISSION page for information on how to submit and protect your work.

Good luck to both of you, I am extremely excited to see what you show us this time around. 

Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Due to personal reasons, Kemoue has decided to drop out of the competition. This means the race to the finale is now a head-to-head battle against Sasha and Gabriel. The aspect of "TOP PHOTO" has also been scrapped, and the results are now posted in alphabetical order.

This week, we challenged our contestants to create an eye-catching advertisement, which enticed potential buyers. We were looking for an ad that caught our attention and really sold the product. Without further ado, let's see what the judges thought...


Jailer: WOW! I just have to say, massive credit for effort here! You really went above and beyond with the content of your ad (props to you for doing a real face!) I love the overall colour scheme, and your technique has improved dramatically since Cycle 1. One small issue I have, is your shading layers - they look quite choppy, and if you could just work on making them smoother (you can do this by making more frequent anchor points when using free select, or using the paths tool instead). It's also really vital that you spell check your text, as "tast" should have an e (taste), but I will give you the benefit of the doubt considering English isn't your first language - although, you can avoid this in future by getting someone to double check the text/spelling on your work. Overall, you did a really great job with the text, Pastels Ice Cream looks delicious!

Nimka: I love this! It's so summery and it makes me want ice cream, which I'm sure is the goal. Like Jailer, said kudos to you for using a real face, but I agree that the layers should be softer so it looks like a smoother skin, and maybe more defining layers in the hair but I love this because it's so fun and pops out.


Jailer: You really went above and beyond with this, and I love it! The fact that you did 3 graphics, tied into one ad, is really impressive. I love the colour pop of yellow, although I think you could have edged this out a little by contrasting the yellow with black instead of white, that would have made the colours pop even more. The shading technique is lovely, I can tell you worked hard on that. Your slogan is definitely very enticing, and I love that you took a little inspiration from current pop culture (I assume this was inspired by Beyoncé's new album?), it's always great to stay current with your work - and extra points for primarily featuring models of colour, something a lot of graphic designers fail to do. My only concern with your work, is that you seem to be in a place where you feel very comfortable, and I would love for you to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself. You did a great job this week, you should be proud!

Nimka: LEMONADE! I really want to try your lemonade, Sasha. This ad is so you, I love the injection of pop culture and love how the yellow stands out on the BW backgrounds, and go you for using dolls of colour. I love that this is such an ode to Beyonce and yourself which celebrates women in a fun way. The play on words is really great too and the poses are so powerful. You're doing so well! I would love to see you take it one step further and can't wait to see what you bring us next.

Now, just two remain and the crown is anyones for the taking! I have a lot of faith in our remaining competitors, and I am incredibly excited to see what they will continue to deliver. Task 3 will be posted soon.



Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I never expected I would be writing a post such as this, but due to disappointing circumstances, the format of this competition is about to change. Five of the eight competitors have sadly dropped out of the competition, meaning we only have three designers left. Continuing the competition in it's originally planned format would mean it would be over in 2 weeks, practically washing all of the incredibly task ideas I had down the drain and robbing those who are left of the true opportunity of competing.

I do not want this competition to end so soon, as I believe all three of the remaining competitors show incredible potential and would benefit massively from the learning experience TGP offers.

So here's what's going to happen;

I've decided to scrap the elimination process altogether. What this means is, the remaining competitors will all participate in another 5 tasks, will be judged after each one, and scored in secret. "TOP PHOTO" will remain, but there will be no other scoring or ranking of results. This gives our three remaining designers the chance to still showcase their talent, and not have their experience cut short due to dropouts. The winner will NOT be determined by any previous scoring, or by the amount of "TOP PHOTO's" they receive, but rather based on the growth they have shown throughout the competition and the ability they have shown to be a great designer.

After the five tasks, there will be a grand finale held on our Facebook page, where we will be hosting a red carpet event, as well as announcing the winner. This event will be held on Thursday July 7th, and everyone is invited! As mentioned, there will be a red carpet event, which means you can create a look and send it in to be featured on the carpet. Please send your looks to Lisa Young or Nimka Dahlgreen on Facebook, you have until Wednesday July 6th to submit your look.

If any competitors have any questions about the change, please feel free to message me (Lisa Young) on Facebook (link above)

Thank you, and here's to change!

Jailer x


Tuesday, 17 May 2016


I first and foremost would like to apologise for how long it's taken for me to post this next task. I've been dealing with some personal issues and also have been incredibly sick over the past week. Fear not, though! All is resolved and I am excited to continue with the competition.

For this week's task, we will be testing your ability to serve some face. You must create and ad campaign, advertising any product of your choice; this can be anything from makeup, shampoo, Diet Coke, cigarettes, anything! We just want you to SELL us this product - make us want to buy it. Your graphic must contain a beauty shot (from the bust up) of at least one model of your choice (Stardoll or real life, you may use multiple models if you wish), the product you are advertising, and a catchy slogan or other body of text to further tempt potential customers. Your product must be the centre of your graphic, and everything else should seamlessly revolve around it.

If you are unsure on how to format your ad, or need some inspiration, try looking at ads published by other companies. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing ads that entice new and existing consumers every day.

Remember, in advertising, shock value and intuitive is what makes an ad stand out - the more controversial, the better! Make your entry the one that catches the judges eye.

The deadline for this task is Wednesday the 25th of May 2016. You will have until then to send in your work. Remember to check the SUBMISSION page for information on how to submit and protect your work.

Good luck!


Monday, 2 May 2016


Unfortunately, Frida, Luiza and Lina have withdrawn from the competition. 

For this cycle, one contestant will be eliminated every other task. This means contestants that place low will get a chance to redeem themselves. Each contestant will also be scored on a points system, which is as follows;

SAFE: 2pts
LOW: 1pts

Between each task will be a "redemption round" where contestants who scored low have a chance to bounce back and earn enough points to stay safe; the contestant with the least amount of points after each redemption round will be eliminated.

It's such a pleasure to be back here, giving another group of amazing designers this opportunity! For this weeks task, we challenged out contestants to create two strikingly unique .png outfits, showing off their creative flair. Without further ado, let us commence with the judges critiques...

TOP PHOTO: Gabriel

Jailer: Amazing effort here from you, Gabriel! Both outfits feel really current and something I'm sure a lot of people would die to wear. I love that you worked with various different patterns/prints, as well as a variety of materials and cuts. The koi fish print on the first dress is really well done, but I would be careful when using prints, as they can often look a little flat if in a larger, empty space. Also, when adding fine details to your outfits, you must ensure that each small detail is refined and finished - often times, a keen eye will pick up on sloppy detailing, and it will lessen the appeal of your finished work. I do think you would benefit from using a stronger highlight, too. A wonderful job, well done!

Nimka: This is so super cool and super street style! Something I would expect to see from the lovely jujubean. It has a tough structure and an attitude to it which I respect. Love that you used Disney too but wish you would have done Disney on the pink dress instead of fishes!